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Step into the sonic cauldron of The Eastern on April 20th, as it bubbles over with the indie-rock elixir of Thing From Spring and the punk potency of Nasal Spray, featuring a zest of Lettuce Prey and the spicy mixes of DJ Ramdaddy, in a night christened ‘The Mix Bowl.’

Thing From Spring is set to unfurl their dual tracks, showcasing their lush melodies and spring-loaded hooks that echo the freshness of their namesake season. Their sound is a fusion of optimism tinted with the wisdom of retrospective tunes, bound to stir the soul of the Ballarat crowd.

Nasal Spray, not to be outdone, delivers a one-two punch with their double single release, sending shockwaves of their unabashedly spirited punk rock through the foundations of The Eastern. They stand as the unrelenting voice of raw, unfiltered experiences, delivered with a performance that promises to be as memorable as their melodies.

Supporting this potent lineup, Lettuce Prey will cast their enchanting net of harmonies over the audience, solidifying the night’s soundscape with their intricate rhythms and hypnotic presence.

And to ensure the energy never wanes, DJ Ramdaddy will be on the decks, spinning a sonic tapestry that weaves every thread of the night into a cohesive anthem of auditory delight.

‘The Mix Bowl’ at The Eastern isn’t just a gig—it’s a harmonious concoction of Ballarat’s finest musical blends, a double single launch that will reverberate through the annals of the city’s vibrant live music scene. Be there to savor every note.

Supports: With - The Thing From Spring // Nasal Spray // Lettuce prey Entry: $10+BF Oztix // $15 Door INSTAGRAM