Sun 06 Jun Jakson

Jakson is an artist from Bendigo making freak folk and noisy post punk. He released his second EP ‘filth’ in april, 2021.

Track Review – hey jeff come to bendigo i just want to chat i totally won’t punch you in the head i promise // guillotine

“Over jagged, scratching guitar and a dub-influenced post-punk rhythm section, the song builds intensity, bursting into see-sawing distorted guitars that sound like a cross between 3Ds and Jesus Lizard before it all collapses like a drunken game of Jenga. For fans of Squid, Black Country, New Road.” Doubtful Sounds, April 2021

A Miner are roadtesting some new material, with potential guest vocalists.


Supports: A Miner Entry: $10 Door FACEBOOK EVENT