Fri 26 Mar I Hate People

I Hate People are a 3 piece Thrash Punk band from Newcastle, Australia who make music for people that hate people.
“We hate Politicians, we hate corrupt police, we hate racists & homophobes & we hate religion but we do love dogs, punks, metal heads & good people.”

I Hate People formed in July 2018 from the ashes of a couple of Newcastle bands & played their 1st gig on Christmas eve 2018 at The Hamilton Station Hotel.

Since then, the band has been playing gigs all over the East coast of Australia racking up 30 plus gigs in their 1st year playing with some of the country’s best punk & metal bands & also supported legendary Japanese punk band The Jetboys on their recent Australian Tour.

“We want everyone in this world to know who I Hate People are & what we’re about, it’s time for a New World Order, one of Punks & Metal heads & we’re ready to lead the charge. Punk’s Not Fucking Dead!”
Punk can become a brand and some bands fight to keep it real.

Punk should be anti establishment and make people listen but have lots of fun doing it. I Hate People are the punk band for a new generation who want to say a big fuck off to the bullshit politics that run this world” – Uncle Les Talks Music.

I Hate People signed to Riot Records in late 2019 to release new music in 2020 and tour the country teaching the good folk of Australia that punks are still very much alive.

Supports: Matt Murray & The Durry Busters // Bunyip Entry: $10 Door FACEBOOK EVENTS