Sat 15 Jun Dress Up (Texas) & COFFIN – Hell Ride Sold Out

September 2018, Summer was just about dead in the States but C.O.F.F.N & Dress Up were igniting the most formidable friendship. Embarking on tour that would take them from their HQ in Austin, Texas to the hardened crete of NYC.

High in the spirits of this continental cross-over, it was clear that the HELLRIDE would have to continue. Thus the banged up bunk talk has become a banged together Australian tour!

Join us on the road this June & rediscover the fulfilment of a life – ‘Twisted, Wild, & Free’.

Supports: Cake Fight // Sabotaj Mahal Entry: $10 DRESS UP (Austin, Texas)
C.O.F.F.I.N (Sydney, Australia)
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