Sun 16 May Dirtbird

Dirtbird are based in the Central Goldfields and play slow, sad, mysterious songs about death, dreams, and the end of the world.

Dirtbird are an acoustic band made up of David M. Lewis , Alex Miller, Ralf Rehak and Kathryn McCool. Their songs are written from cut-up poetry and feature beautiful 3-part harmonies. Some of the bands that they have been in include The Bedridden, The Haints, Machine Translations and The Blue Grassy Knoll.

Spirit Kings, Dirtbird’s 6th album, was co-produced by Dirtbird and Andrew Watson. It features all-acoustic instruments, including guitar, dobro, banjo, double bass, strings, horns, percussion and a saw.

Supports: A.D Marshall Entry: $10 Door FACEBOOK EVENT