Sun 17 Jul Cornish Wreckers (UK) Buy Tickets

Cornish Wreckers are an international folkloric collective. Their acclaimed debut album “Lurid Tales of Wrecking and Repose,” released on vinyl in 2019, brings you tales from the tough Victorian-era streets of East-End London, songs of the Cornish coast and its ruthless 19th Century pirates, and stories of the ghosts and lights that bewitched the sailors travelling on board seafaring vessels made of wood and hemp.

They have played at festivals in Paris, smugglers dens in Cornwall, and medieval pubs and gothic churches in Devon.

Dirtbird hail from Castlemaine. They write beautiful, epic and sweeping acoustic based masterpieces.

Tim Hudspith and Goldentone are based in Ballarat and specialize in melancholy pop with noir influences.

Supports: Dirtbird (Castlemaine) // Tim Hudspith and Goldentone (Ballarat) Entry: $10(+BF) Oztix $15 Door FACEBOOK EVENT