Sun 26 Jan Bush Fire Relief Fundraiser

On January 26th, a group of young Ballarat-based musicians will rally together in the hope of raising money to be put towards the bushfire efforts.

This night will feature Anticline, Meraki Minds, Matt Murray & The Durry Busters, Cassells, The Double D’s (Aaryn Dunks and Zacharie Dunks), Matt McLean and The Serendipitous Don Shoon.

This event will be PAY WHAT YOU WISH. We’re hoping everyone will give generously.

In due course, a poll will be posted in this event with a list of charities we think are doing great work. You can vote for the charity/organisation you believe the money should go to the most. The money will be divvied up between the different charities/organisations as per the poll results.

Basically, these two features will let YOU decide just how much money will be raised, and where this money will end up.

A massive thanks to Jordan Cassells for the poster.

Supports: Anticline // Meraki Minds // Matt Murray & The Durry Busters // Cassels // The Double D' // Matt McLean // The Serendipitous Don Shoon Entry: DONATION ENTRY FACEBOOK EVENT