Sun 22 Oct Bollard ‘Lo’ Tour Buy Tickets

Bollard continue their album tour for ‘Lo’ throughout Victoria with an afternoon show at The Eastern Hotel. Bring your dancing shoes (we’ll clean ’em.) Joining them are Thing from Spring and The Pearlies!

The thing from spring is a loose goose kinda band. Lovers of riff, loyal devotees of harmony, bastions of the beat and tasters of the brew. Best seen intimately in your local piss wreck facility.

The Pearlies consist of Hattie Frdelja on keys, Jade Moran on vocals and Norah Ziino on drums. Jade and Hattie have been performing together through their school years and have recently started to find local gigs and traction. The pair have crafted their own tunes richly supported with a Hammond organ sound. The Pearlies incorporate a vast range of retro genres within their discography; reminiscent of the smooth sounds of 70’s love ballads, and the bop and sway of the early 60’

Supports: The Thing from Spring // The Pearlies Entry: $15+BF Oztix // $20 Door INSTAGRAM